Upstate Medical University

Joy Higuchi

IP Prep, Research RN

Joy Higuchi, RN, AMB-BC, has been with the Upstate Global Health Institute since July 2020. Prior to joining GH, she gave thousands of injections at an asthma and allergy practice, and was a staff nurse on a busy medical-surgical unit before that. Originally, she was a high school German teacher in Minnesota.

As an unblinded team member, Joy manages, prepares and administers investigational product. Her first study with Global Health was the landmark Pfizer Covid vaccine trial. As a result, she has developed a great appreciation for our noble volunteers. Joy is also board-certified as an ambulatory-care nurse. In her current position, she diligently reads to keep up on new developments in infectious-disease research.

Outside of work Joy enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren, playing classical and sacred music on the piano, and sewing. She likes to travel when she can get away, and is always looking forward to her next visit to Japan.