Upstate Medical University

Rachael Cavelli

Nurse Practitioner

Rachael Cavelli is a Syracuse native. She joined the Upstate Global Health Institute in May of 2020. Rachael graduated from the Community General Hospital Nurse Practitioner program in 2000. She is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Rachael has worked in family medicine for 20 years. Before she became a NP, Rachael worked as a RN, and LPN which has given her many years of nursing and advanced practice experience.

Her extensive experience has created a solid foundation for evaluating research volunteers before, during and after various clinical trials.

Rachael serves as a sub-investigator on several clinical research trials. Rachael received an honorable acknowledgement in the New England Journal of Medicine, under the direction of Dr. Stephen Thomas, for her commitment and expertiseto the Pfizer/BioNtech Covid vaccine trial. She alsotakes pride in her ability to promote research opportunities for all individuals in an equal, diverse, and inclusive setting. In her spare time, Rachael enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.