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Clinical Research Unit at the Institute for Human Performance

Global Health Research Unit at the SUNY Upstate Community Campus

Our Clinical Research Facilities Include

Global Health Research Unit

The Global Health Research Unit is a dedicated Global Health out-patient research unit on the SUNY Upstate Community Campus. The GHRU is staffed with experienced investigators and clinical research coordinators, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists and unblinded pharmacy nurses. The GHRU has 4 private exam rooms, a dedicated phlebotomy room, limited access investigational product storage and prep room and specimen processing laboratory. The GHRU also has secure study document and supply storage. Volunteers have access to the attached parking garage, and free parking is provided. The GHRU is an ideal space for large volume vaccine, diagnostic and human challenge protocols.

Clinical Research Unit

The Clinical Research Unit is a dedicated out-patient research unit that serves researchers across the SUNY Upstate campus. The CRU is staffed by Registered Nurses with specific research and GCP training. The CRU has 10 private rooms and is fully equipped to conduct all phases of clinical trials. An attached parking garage makes study visits easy for subjects. Specific information on the CRU can be found here:

Sample Processing and Analytical Research Laboratory

The Institute for Global Health Sample Management and Analysis Laboratory is a full-service research laboratory, staffed by an experienced Lab Manager and Lab Technician. Working closely with the Clinical Research team, all research blood samples from human clinical trials are processed in a GCP-compliant laboratory that maintains audit readiness through training, following SOPs, maintaining equipment, and adhering to Good Documentation Practices. To learn more about our Sample Processing & Analytical capabilities, please view their page under Research Support Services.

Clinical Pathology Laboratory services

Clinical Pathology Laboratory services are available during the conduct of a clinical trial. Clinical lab tests may be ordered and drawn in the Clinical Research Unit and couriered to the main hospital for processing and resulting. More information on the Clinical Pathology Department can be found here;

Investigational Pharmacy services

Investigational Product can be stored and dispensed from the Investigational Pharmacy, located at the main hospital. In addition, we have two vaccine grade refrigerators located in the Clinical Research Unit, which may be used for local IP storage. All units are maintained on AeroScout Monitoring Tags.

Online Subject Compensation System

The Institute for Global Health utilizes an online subject compensation system, which allows the study team to pay study volunteers at the time of their visits with reloadable payment cards. This system increases volunteer retention and satisfaction during the trial.

Clinical Trial Management System

SUNY Upstate Medical University has invested in a Clinical Trial Management System. This system allows our site to track subject visits, site metrics, invoices and houses our growing volunteer database.

Dedicated Trial Recruitment services

The Institute for Global Health has a dedicated Trial Recruiter. This allows our site to efficiently fill study enrollments and meet sponsors timelines. A dedicated phone line and email are maintained so that interested volunteers have direct access to the information they are seeking. Our Trial Recruiter manages all aspects of study recruitment including designing advertisements, community engagement events and working with local marketing venues to spread the word about ongoing trials.

In-Patient Research Beds

The Institute for Global Health has in-patient beds available to accommodate early phase trials, such as Human Infection Models. These beds are located at SUNY Upstate Community Campus.

Monitoring & Conference spaces

Within our facility, multiple dedicated spaces exist to accommodate monitoring visits, trainings, audits and study meetings. Advance reservations can be made for specific rooms with audio-visual capabilities.

Clinical Research Coordinator offices

Our Research Coordinator offices are located on the 1st floor of the IHP and near the Clinical Research Unit. The offices have limited access and allow for safe storage of study related documents. The close proximity to the Clinical Research Unit allows our study team to accommodate study visits easily.

Administrative Offices

The Institute for Global Health administrative offices are located on the 4th floor of the IHP. These offices house our Project Management team, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management and department level Pre & Post award activities.

Archival Document Storage

At the completion of a clinical trial, study documents are inventoried and prepared for archiving. Documents are stored at a separate SUNY Upstate facility. Documents are available for retrieval upon request.

Shipping and Receiving Area

Daily pickup and deliveries are available from UPS and Fed Ex within our site. Dry Ice is delivered, maintained and available to the study team daily. Specialty shipping can be arranged based on a sponsors request.