Upstate Medical University

Sana Yahya

Clinical Research Coordinator I

Sana Yahya is a Clinical Research Associate at the SUNY Upstate Institute for Global Health. Along with a pre-medical Associate’s degree, she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of North Georgia. Sana is an experienced Clinical Research Coordinator with valuable experience in the medical research industry.


Sana is proficient in and has vast knowledge of FDA regulations and ICH/GCP conduction of Phase I, II, III, IV clinical research trials in the therapeutic areas of COPD, asthma, oncology, gastroenterology, COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Currently, she is working as a lead on Lyme research and upcoming COVID-19 research. She is determined and innovative, and has her sights set on accomplishing major research milestones. Outside of work, Sana’s topmost priority are her two boys, Jibraan and Saif, about whom she says: “they complete me.”