Upstate Medical University

Refugee Health in our Community

MPHP 629 / PRVM 6429

The purpose of this course is to equip students with the knowledge, strategies, and skills required to advocate for the health of vulnerable refugee families. This course pairs students with recently resettled refugee families in Syracuse who face a myriad of challenges as they create a new home in Syracuse. The course is designed to bring together students of different disciplines who naturally partner to care for this population (i.e. medical, public health, social work, physical therapy, nursing, etc.). This is an experiential learning opportunity for students to understand the social determinants of health as they work alongside families navigating every day challenges of life in a new system amidst a different culture from where they come. Group class sessions with community leaders allows students to learn from community resources as well as university course leaders. Students will come to appreciate the perception of health and illness from different sociocultural backgrounds, with the goal to enhance their ability to care for and work with people from diverse backgrounds in the future.

Semester Availability: Fall 2020

Credits:  Variable, 2-3