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Healthy Volunteers Needed

What is Dengue?

Dengue (pronounced den – gee) is a disease caused by viruses which are transmitted to humans by infected mosquitos. Hundreds of millions of people are infected with dengue viruses every year and currently there are no specific treatments available.
Dengue outbreaks occur in the US (Texas, Florida, Hawaii) because many states have mosquitoes which transmit the dengue viruses. Dengue infections are a major concern for our US Military personnel who deploy to many of the over 130 countries where dengue persists. Our research team is working to develop methods of preventing and treating dengue.

Study Overview

The purpose of this study is to evaluate a medication which has the potential to prevent or treat dengue virus infections. The medication has already been safely tested in hundreds of volunteers in Europe and it is now time to expand testing to the US.
If you decide to participate and you pass the screening process, you will be chosen, by random chance, to receive the medication or a placebo (dummy pill with no active ingredients). No one, including the research team, will know which group you were chosen to be in. Once all of the volunteers have started to take the medication or placebo, everyone will be exposed to a weakened dengue virus using a needle (exactly like receiving a vaccine). If the medication works, we believe you will remain well. If the medication does not work or you received placebo, we expect you to have a mild dengue-like infection. Mild dengue may cause fever, headache, muscle and bone aches, and a rash – all of which will disappear in 4-7 days. These experimental infections with weakened forms of the virus allow us to determine very quickly if the medication has the potential to protect people from infections in nature. Experimental dengue virus infections have been safely used to support research for over 100 years.

Am I Eligible?

For this study, we want very healthy male and non-pregnant and non-breastfeeding female volunteers who have flexibility in their schedule. The study lasts for six months and the first month is very busy.
During the first month you will need to see our research team every day, you will provide numerous small blood samples, and you may be required to spend a prolonged period (up to 4 weeks) indoors in a hotel or a special ward in our hospital. We only require the prolonged indoor stay during the summer months (JUN-SEP) so we can make sure volunteers are not exposed to mosquitos. After the first month you will have only a few visits with our team. We are seeking volunteers who live within a 5-hour driving distance of Syracuse, NY, which is where the study will be performed. As part of the study, volunteers will be reimbursed for their travel expenses, food, lodging, and their time.

If you are interested in potentially joining this study you can start the screening process by answering a few questions:

Select the choice below that best describes your age:
Select the choice below that best describes your current health:
Are you taking any medications?
Are you taking any medications?
Have you ever received any kind of vaccine against dengue, Japanese encephalitis or yellow fever or have you recently travelled anywhere these diseases may exist (Latin America, Africa, South or Southeast Asia)?
Will your schedule allow you to attend daily visits up to 34 days, then weekly visits for 6 weeks in Syracuse, NY?
Unfortunately, it appears you are not eligible to participate in this study, but you may be eligible for other studies we perform. Please fill in your contact information below and we can store this in our secure database for future research study opportunities. If you have other questions, please contact us at: or (315)-464-9869.
Good news! It looks like you may be eligible to participate in our study. Please complete the following form and one of our study recruiters will contact you shortly.